Wednesday Wisdom: Size does matter!

Well I’m tipping that caught your attention. Hear me out before you judge the article by it’s title, I was recently reading an article that provided the tip to “Make the most of your small size” when it comes to your business. The writer pointed out that no business, regardless of  how big or small, […]

Short run fast full colour T-shirt printing

Do you have an event, exhibition or conference that you are a part of or are just looking to attend and you would love to promote your business at it. Now we believe that you should definitely consider using business cards, brochures, flyers and or postcards as part of your marketing material to provide to your clients […]

Hang around… even after you’ve left!

We’ve all seen door hangers used successfully in businesses like Resorts, Hotels and Motels… but innovative businesses are taking them much further than this. Whether you’re a Pizza Shop, Real Estate Agent, Landscaper, Roofing Specialist or practically any business that deals with the public, Door Hangers could be a great local or event marketing solution for […]

7 Reasons Why Snail Mail Still Works

In business when choosing how to market our products or services we are confronted with so many choices of marketing tools and channels and as a result it can be difficult to know which one/s will deliver the results we desire and need to ensure the continuity of our businesses.What’s even worse, recently in a […]

In the wrong job? Great creative marketing.

We are constantly looking for fun and creative marketing solutions and in our travels recently online we came across what we think is a wonderful campaign from a German online recruitment website Apparently this campaign “Life’s Too Short For The Wrong Job” was created way back in 2006 and was aimed at people tired […]

Monday Marketing – Be visible!

Think about how you can brand various parts of your business to help you stand out from the competitive crowd. Below are just 7 tips on areas that we think are very good ones for you to consider to help be more visible not only with your existing clients but will also to help gain […]

Paperless 2013- Smoke and Mirrors?

Today I’m writing in response to a post on the website Environmental Leader ( and the Paperless 2013 Campaign. I have to say that I 100% support any robust discussion that not only makes us think about the environment but encourages us all to take action. While I’m in business I whole heartedly support proactive […]

Country of Origin Food Label Printing

If you are in the food industry you will no-doubt be looking at how and when you implement the new regulatory Country of Origin Food Labels. If you sell food in retail stores in Australia, new Country of Origin Labelling (CoOL) laws will apply to your products from 1 July 2016 – but your labels […]