7 Tradie Marketing Tips

So you’re a tradie and you want to grow your business.

I’m not only a tradies son, my old man is a sparky, I’m also a tradie myself being in the print game.

While you know you are good at what you do, whether you are a Sparky, Chippy, Mechanic, Gardner or Plumber, Marketing may not be your strong points.

Let’s be honest, it is getting even harder and more competitive to be found online. Like most industries there is a massive amount of competition now online vying for your customers and or prospects attention.

That said, I’m certainly not saying you don’t invest in your online marketing, as you should be, but the offline (old skool) marketing tools still work and are often now neglected by some of your competitors.

Here is 8 quick tips that will not necessarily break the bank but more importantly I know will help you generate more leads and build your business.

1. Vehicle Signage

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    You have the opportunity to have a mobile billboard, use it.
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    Just think, when you are parked wherever you are working, your vehicle signage is always working for you, the neighbours could be looking for what you do!
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    It does not have to be a brand new ute or van with a full vehicle wrap to get you going, some well designed decals / stickers on your doors and or windows will help.

2. Uniforms

It’s not just the people in retail stores and the fast food joints that benefit from branded uniforms…You are a walking and working billboard, use it.

Whether it is your Shirts, Vests, Hoodies, Caps and even your shoes! (think about it….some of you do or should be taking your shoes off when you get to the front door, your customers will notice!) custom printed apparel will not only help you stand out from the crowd, it will help promote who you are and what you do!

3. Flyers or Cards for Direct Mail Box Marketing (or even door hangers)

I’m not talking about a mass distribution mail box campaign that’s going to cost you 1000’s of dollars, but how much time would it take you to pop something in the mail box left and right of the house you are working on? With digital printing you can print as little as 50 flyers or postcards to start testing and measuring. 

4. Magnets

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    These are still a cracker even these days. I have my local plumbers on my fridge as we speak, however it amazes me how many tradies I have used who don’t offer me a magnet!
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    Give a couple to your customer (one for them and one for a friend), pop them in the mail box left and right or even stick some to the rear or side of your vehicle!

5. Door Hangers

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    There will be certain opportunities where you may be able to pop a door hanger on a door or three.
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    Remember if you provide a great “No Brainer” offer you will find it will generate results.
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    If you want to know a little more, check this article out. (Hang-around-with-door-hangers)

6. Referral Cards

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    You’ve done a great job, ask you customer if they would be happy to refer you on and give them something to hand to their family member or friend.

7. Banners and Flags

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    You can either use these if you don’t want to put signage on your vehicle or even better in combination with your vehicle signage.
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    Banners and or Flags are a great solution while you are onsite for a short period of time.

8. Corflute Signs

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    If you are working on a site longer than 1 or 2 days and have the opportunity to pop up a corflute sign, this is great 24 hour drive-by advertising.

It’s a bit like dating, it generally takes more than one date to build a long term relationship. Marketing your business is similar, the more a customer experiences your brand and you the more likely they will be happy to engage you!

I hope that this helps you make this you best year yet!

Remember, even when time is short, don’t miss out on an opportunity to promote your business.

Wishing you all the best for creating and actioning effective and efficient marketing in your business this week and year.


Tom Dickson

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