Freezer Labels

Need Frozen Product Labels?

  • Pre-frozen product labels & post-frozen product labels
  • Over 50 stock/ shape combinations
  • Available sheeted or as singles
  • Any square/rectangle size
  • Express custom die-cut (custom shape) freezer product labels
Frozen Product Labels

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If you need frozen product labels, you may already be aware that different adhesives are needed, depending on your production process.

  • If your product label is applied when your item is clean, dry and room temperature, 
  • If your product label is applied to an item that is clean and dry, but has been in the fridge
  • If your product label is applied to an item that is already frozen

If you are not sure of your needs, we are here to help. You can read our articles, or simply give us a call. Keep in mind that our advice is generic, based on our experience, and meant as a guide only. There are a myriad of factors, from the shape and coating of your container, to your label application environment, to your packaging and more that can affect sticker adhesion and print longevity. With all product labels, if this is your first order with us, we recommend you test the labels first - we can send you a generic sample. 

When you need premium quality freezer labels urgently, Same Day Printing can get you organized fast.  With one of the fastest freezer label turnarounds in Australia, and guaranteed on-time dispatch, we’re here to help you with your first venture into labeling, or to get you out of a jam if deadlines are looming. Whether you are looking for frozen product labels that will be applied before freezing, or after freezing, we may have the option for you.

If you need a large run of the same size stickers, we also have some Roll Label print options available. Call our friendly team to discuss your needs.

Would you like to explore additional label solutions for other products or areas of your business? You can access  window stickers, product stickers, bumper stickers, floor and wall stickers and more from our sticker page.

What are freezer stickers used for?

Freezer stickers are used for branding or providing information on frozen products. They are commonly applied to:

  • Frozen Food Product Labels
  • Bait Product Labels
  • Marketing stickers on frozen goods
  • Price adjustment stickers on frozen goods

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