Free File Check

Free File Check

When you receive your printing from the Same Day Printing team, we want you to be wowed with the quality – and not disappointed by unexpected artwork issues. So if you are unsure about your artwork, email it through and ask for a “Free File Check”.

As we have not designed your artwork, we cannot check for every type of error, however we check the following core elements of your design:

  • Correct trim size
  • Bleeds have been included
  • Rich black (50C, 10M, 10Y, 100k or similar) has been used for fills
  • Artwork is 1-up and centred
  • Fonts are outlined or embedded
  • Minimum internal margins

Once we’ve reviewed your artwork, we will let you know if any alterations are required.

Please note: A free artwork check is applicable to one file per order. Should additional checks be required, a minimum of a $33 design fee is applicable for the first 20 minutes, and each 20 minutes thereafter.

Send us your file to check now

Uploading  artwork or images for a Free File Check is easy.

For files over 5mb

Visit our Drop Box select the files you want to send us, and upload. Our drop-box is secure and is accessible only  by the Same Day Printing team.

If you have any questions regarding our drop box facility, please contact us.

For files under 5mb

If your file is under 5Mb, you may simply email your file direct to us.

Tip: If you have several files, you can zip them (Get Winzip). This will mean you only need to send one file and will ensure no files are missed or lost.

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