Product Boxes

Perfect as individual product boxes for lightweight items.

Custom product boxes, also known as folding carton boxes, are paperboard boxes used to package individual products (like candles, beauty products, card sets, promo, or car care items).

A folding carton can be fully customised on both the outside and inside so you can share your brand story with the best visual impact. Folding cartons often feature tuck aps at one or both ends.

The Perfect Product Box

Custom Size & Printing Design packaging that's the perfect size for your product, and bring it to life with custom printed designs on the inside and outside.

Lightweight & Sturdy Folding cartons offer a simple solution for packaging small lightweight items. They're easy to carry, fold, stack, post or display in retail stores.

Low MOQ's Order as few as 30 units for standard-sized folding carton boxes; 100 units for custom-sized product boxes; or 5 units in a testing format.

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Available in 3 Standard Styles

Choose from 3 different styles of product packaging boxes to best meet your brand's needs.


Straight Tuck End Box

Packaging with Aero tuck end locking system. This is similar to the Reverse tuck end box except the closing flaps are both on one side to create uniformity. The flaps are attached to the back side of the box and close towards the front side.


Reverse Tuck End Box

Packaging with reverse tuck end lock system. The box is glued on the side and folded. It is ready to use because it doesn’t require a particular assembly. It is frequently used as cosmetic packaging.


Snap Lock Bottom Box

Taking advantage of this design, you enjoy the convenience of an integrated tuck top, as well as a bottom that can be folded and locked in place, making it perfect for slightly heavier products.


Auto Lock Bottom Box

If you’re developing a new box
and want to test your cut and
design before committing to full
production with our manufacturer, our die-less testing service is
here to help

Custom Box Prototype Testing

Folding Boxes

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Dimensional Boxes

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Other Items

No matter what you are creating, if you print can fit on a flat sheet up to 990x330mm long, We can produce a test item for you.

Technical Specs: Folding Carton Boxes

Here are some of the main options available in designing your custom product packaging.


Folding carton boxes use a standard
paper thickness of 390 - 455ums and are made from sustainably sourced, or recycled materials.

White Coated

A fully coated bleached carton board with a smooth finish on the top side and a clean white surface on the reverse. Offering outstanding brightness, smoothness and stiffness, this board is ideal for high end packaging.

Brown Kraft

Unbleached brown paper that is ideal for black or white, or dark colour print. See how colours are impacted when printing on brown stock.


Produced from 100% reclaimed fibres and comes with the eco-label "Blue Angel". It has a surface finish to achieve brilliant printing results. Keep in mind that the uncoated nature of this stock mean that fibres may lift on creases giving a cracked appearance - or rustic charm depending on your perspective.


Smooth uncoated black board that is
ideal for foiling or white and metallic


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The most popular and cost effective
print method for everyday packaging.

Special Inks

Step up your shelf presence and wow factor with White, Metallic, Clear, Neon Pink Inks, See Specialty Finishing below for more details.


Optional Coating added to your printed designs to protect from scratches and scuffs.


No laminate. The most eco-friendly option, great for e-commerce shipment and local retail orders but not as well protected from scuffing as Laminated options.


Add to the visual appeal of your White Coated packaging with gloss, matt or velvet laminate. It will help protect your designs from cracks and tears, but is not as eco-friendly.

Special Finishes

Add a unique finish to your packaging to capture attention and tie with your brand.

Metallic Inks

Our Allure Metallic ranges gives options to not only Gold and Silver ink, but a range of over 600 metallic shades. order a sample swatch kit

White Ink

Great for use on coloured stock bases like our Kraft Brown or Black Uncoated options.

Neon Pink Ink

Brighten up everyone’s day! Neon Pink is also used to achieve vibrant yellows oranges, and over 50 other shades.


Select from 10 foil colours selected to add presence to any campaign.

Clear Ink

Perfect for creating subtle patterns or highlighting an important design feature.

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