Could a magnet and card in one document be the marketing avenue you’ve been looking for? – Introducing DocuMagnets

Would you like to provide detailed information about your business or service, AND provide a magnet for them to keep in plain eyesight?

Usually this would require a two-item mailout – and all your magnets would have to be the same.

This unique and patented product includes an 86mm x 54mm magnet pre-attached to an A4 sheet, so you can send a letter and a magnet in one easy solution.

Make your magnet Personal

It’s a well known marketing fact that personalisation increases interest and memorability – and just like your letter can be personalised, so can your magnet! So you can include personal details like a name or account number, or you can have a range of designs in the one print run (like one for the boys and one for the girls, or any other demographic breakup you have the data for). The DocuMagnet is light and durable, making it suitable for general promotion, account details, and any other purpose where you could benefit from providing a magnet along with more detailed information.

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Applications for DocuMagnet Solutions

  • Direct Mail or 1:1 Marketing
  • Calendars & Schedules
  • Emergency Numbers
  • Promotional or Save the Date
  • Account details… and much more.
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