Could a one-piece letter with removable card save you time and money? – Introducing Docucards

Are you looking for a more practical and professional way to distribute Membership Cards, Loyalty Cards, Personalised Gift Vouchers, or Staff / Student ID’s?

This unique and patented product by Fuji Xerox includes a virtually indestructible 86mm x 54mm synthetic card pre-attached to an A4 sheet, so you can send a letter and a card in one easy solution.

Super Durable

The DocuCard is waterprooftear-proofheat resistant, and durable, making it suitable for membership cards, identification cards, and loyalty cards where durability and professional-looking images are a factor.

While the DocuCard is super durable (check out this YouTube demonstration!), it is also thinner than a business card – making it easy to slip in a purse or wallet.

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Docucard - letter and ID/ Offer Card in one

Applications for Letter-Card Solutions

  • Direct Mail or 1:1 Marketing
  • Calendars & Schedules
  • Emergency Numbers
  • Promotional or Save the Date
  • Tickets… and much more.
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