Define a PDF Preset

When saving your Adobe Illustrator file for print, specific settings are required.  

You can ensure this by doing the following each time you save a file - or to make it easier follow the last step and make a custom Adobe PDF Preset for next time. 

Step 1: 

  • Select High Quality Print
  • Select the General tab,
  • Select View PDF after Saving

Step 2:

  • Select Marks and Bleeds
  • Tick Trim Marks
  • Change Bleeds to the correct size for your product
    • 2mm for vinyl stickers smaller than A4 and 5mm for vinyl stickers larger than A4
    • 3mm for flat and folded small format paper and card items like business cards, flyers, postcards, brochures, die-cut items
    • 5mm for posters, banners and standees
  • Change Offset to match bleed. (This ensures your trim marks stay outside the bleed area)

Step 3: 

  • Select Advanced
  • Change Subset fonts to 0%

Step 4: 

  • Select Summary and ensure there are no Warnings. 
  • Select the Save Preset icon in the top right of the window
  • Name the Preset as something you will remember for this type of item, we suggest
    • 3mm Digital-Offset
    • 2mm Vinyl Stickers
    • 5mm Posters-Banners